Worship at St. Mark's

Worship at ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH is rooted in the traditions of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.  While maintaining the traditions of the church, we are attentive to the needs and expressions of the 21st. century community.  Joy is a hallmark of liturgy at St. Mark's.  We focus on the Word of God in reading and responding to both the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures.  Preaching and sharing the Word are important to understand where God is calling us in our daily lives.  The ministry of bringing our concerns for our world and ourselves is expressed in intercessory prayer.  Our needs for healing are brought into prayer with laying on of hands and anointing with oil.  Through the sharing of scripture, silence, and prayer we offer praise and thanksgiving for the gift of life given to us in creation and in Jesus Christ by a loving and forgiving God.  In the offering, blessing, breaking and sharing of bread and wine, we experience the presence of the Risen Christ.  United in Christ we go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit to live as Christ would live.

Music is an integral part of the prayer of the community.  A combination of organ, piano, and other instruments enlivens our worship.  A mixture of music is used that encompasses contemporary as well as traditional music.

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